Sculptify is an American desktop 3D printer manufacturer headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.  The company has developed a new method for 3D printing, which allows customers to print with nearly limitless material options. This method, combined with high-precision components, allows Sculptify to deliver a premium desktop 3D printer, specifically designed for personal use.


  • Slade Simpson

    Co-Founder and CEO

    Slade manages day-to-day operations, heads strategic partnership development, and serves as the company’s main contact point and spokesperson. He is also project lead in mechanical hardware design and product engineering, using his expertise in CAD, FEA, DFMA, and project management, to help develop David. Through multiple R&D positions in the automotive industry, Slade has substantial experience in rapid prototyping, laser scanning, 3D printing, and numerically controlled devices. Slade holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Ohio University.

  • Todd Linthicum

    CTO and Executive Vice President

    As CTO and Executive Vice President, Todd assists running day-to-day operations at Sculptify with Slade Simpson. His main duties also include leading all hardware and mechatronics research and development, as well as, international sourcing and supply chain management. Prior to co-founding Sculptify, Todd was a graduate researcher at Ohio University researching robotics, mechatronics, and mechanics. His research included design and development of autonomous mobile robotics systems and specialized actuation technologies. Todd holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Ohio University.

  • Bryan Linthicum

    Research & Development

    Bryan works to conceptualize, design, and rapidly prototype both electrical hardware and software solutions. He is multi-faceted engineer with broad experience in high level web development, low-level firmware programming, and embedded circuit design. He has over a decade of experience in programming, with expertise in web development and systems design. Bryan holds a degree in CS&E from The Ohio State University.

  • Phillip Peterson

    Research & Development

    Phillip conceptualizes, designs, and validates electronic components, electrical systems, and software. He is also heavily involved in electromechanical interfacing and the development/implementation of numerical control algorithms. Prior to joining Sculptify, Phillip researched computational methods in theoretical condensed matter physics, in which he gained vast experience in programming, analysis, mathematics, and numerical methods. Phillip holds degrees in medicine and physics from The Ohio State University.

  • Luke Daniel

    Business Development

    Luke’s day-to-day responsibilities include implementing marketing strategies and managing customer relations. Luke also manages support strategies and day-to-day administrative tasks including company performance forecasts. He is also responsible for maintaining Sculptify’s business plan, and providing support in the industrial design of the company’s 3D printers. He has over a decade of experience in marketing, with expertise in the area of automotive marketing and advertising. Luke holds a degree from The Ohio State University.