David — Not just a pellet printer.

We have received an incredible amount of feedback and are deeply humbled by the support — keep those questions coming!

We are always trying to push David’s limits here at 'Sculptify Labs,' and yesterday, we decided to see if he could extrude a common plastic bag (a special thanks to Target for this particular one) — he did it quite well. We haven’t done any thorough testing in terms of printing yet, but we are confident that we (or a proud David owner) can make it happen.



The Big Picture...

Printing with plastic bags, or other household waste (think plastic spoons, forks, containers, etc), could have an incredible impact on the 3D printing industry and even the world! Imagine being able to print useful objects for around-the-house directly from grocery bags - that’s like recycling to the extreme! This could also have some incredible applications in developing countries, that have limited access to raw materials. The potential is incredible!

We hope to try many more recyclable items in the near future, and will keep you all posted with further updates!

Thank you for your continued support!

The Sculptify Team


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Posted by Slade Simpson on August 22, 2014.