Sculptify announces Kickstarter campaign in August. Features Video of David in Action.

Columbus, Ohio | July 14th, 2014 - Today, Sculptify announced its Kickstarter campaign, and released a variety of new information regarding its 3D printer, David.

In a new YouTube video featuring David in action, Sculptify announced its plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign in August of this year.  The company will offer production units to Kickstarter backers in exchange for funding contributions. “We have gone as far as we can with our personal savings and loans from family members — it’s time for us to get out of our basements and get this product into the community’s hands.” explained Slade Simpson, CEO and Co-founder of Sculptify, “their support and input will expedite the material optimization process, and help make David the most capable 3D printer possible”. 

Page expansion and videos
The announcement was formalized with the release of a new video on YouTube featuring David printing. This video has also been added to the company’s website, as part of the David product page. The short video starts with pellets being poured in, and finishes with a printed part, made of rubber-like material, being pulled off of the removable bed.  “We wanted to show the community what David was capable of, so we decided to create a video,” said Luke Daniel, Director of Business Development, at Sculptify, “this particular video features David printing a flexible bracelet with EVA, a material which we have been optimizing”.

Expanded David Product Page
Additionally, Sculptify expanded its David product page further by releasing multiple ‘feature’ videos, which demonstrate different aspects of the device, with sections that highlight pouring pellets, bed removal, and precision components.  “We are receiving a humbling and overwhelming amount of feedback and questions from the community since our David unveil,” said Todd Linthicum, President and Co-founder of Sculptify, “their questions are very important to us, so we want to make sure that we can visually answer as many of them as possible.”

Sculptify also released detailed prototype specifications, as a further expansion of their David product page.  “We are very pleased with what we have been able to accomplish with this device,” said Bryan Linthicum, R&D Engineer at Sculptify, “our printer features powerful new technology, while still being competitive with, or surpassing, many major printers on the market.” David’s initial specifications are on par with printers from many established brands in the industry. “We hope that with a successful Kickstarter campaign, we can improve upon these already impressive initial specifications.”, added Phillip Peterson, R&D Engineer at Sculptify.


David 3D Printer
David utilizes Sculptify-developed FLEX technology, which allows users to create objects from a wide range of pelletized materials — each with their own unique properties.  Since pellets are the least processed form of many materials, David can print with medium that is significantly lower in cost than that of his filament-based brethren.  

David features both groundbreaking technology and commercial-grade components, all specifically designed to provide versatility,speed,and accuracy.  A removable print platform and easy loading system make David as easy to use as it is powerful.

Learn more about David: http://david

Assembly Facility in Ohio
Sculptify is currently evaluating facility locations in central Ohio that will house assembly, operations, and product development. The company anticipates creating job openings for engineering and manufacturing positions following the Kickstarter campaign.
Sculptify Assembly Facility in Columbus Ohio

About Sculptify
Sculptify is an American desktop 3D printer manufacturer headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.  The company has developed a new method for 3D printing, which allows customers to print with nearly limitless material options. This method, combined with high-precision components, allows Sculptify to deliver a premium desktop 3D printer, specifically designed for personal use.  Additional information can be found at

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Posted by Luke Daniel on July 13, 2014.