Sculptify Introduces 3D Printing Directly With Plastic Pellets and Launches New Website

Columbus, Ohio, May 11, 2014 — Sculptify announced its progress towards developing a 3D printer that works with pelletized plastic. The release took place in the form of a YouTube video, featuring Sculptify CEO Slade Simpson as spokesperson, and a series of articles highlighting the benefits of plastic pellets and the vision of the company.

“Choice is a powerful thing, and that’s what we hope our printer brings to the community and to those new to the 3D printing world,” writes CEO Slade Simpson in a self-authored blog post titled, A More Capable 3D Printer.

YouTube: 3D Printing Directly With Plastic Pellets.

Pelletized Plastic
Pelletized plastic is the raw material typically used to mass-produced consumer products. An array of choices ranging from hard and durable, to soft and flexible are now possible, while providing great value.

“Pelletized plastics offer an appealing alternative to filament [the current standard in personal 3D printers on the market]. They are not only more affordable, but also create an inviting experience due to their ease of use.  We believe this will attract new customers to 3D printing and to Sculptify,” said Slade Simpson, Co-Founder and CEO.

This announcement also coincides with a major overhaul of the company’s website,

“The new site allows us to connect with those interested in early developments at Sculptify, especially before the Kickstarter campaign. Since printing with plastic pellets is new to the desktop 3D printing industry, it’s up to the team to educate the community of its benefits, and show them what’s possible,” explains Luke Daniel, Director of Business Development.

Sculptify plans to go live on Kickstarter in Q2, 2014. The company will offer production units to Kickstarter members in exchange for funding contributions.

“We’re choosing Kickstarter because crowdfunding and the 3D printing community are extremely important to raising awareness of our product and to the long-term success of the company,” says Todd Linthicum, Co-Founder and President.

About Sculptify
Sculptify is an American desktop 3D printer manufacturer headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.  The company has developed a new method for 3D printing, which allows customers to print with nearly limitless material options. This method, combined with high-precision components, allows Sculptify to deliver a premium desktop 3D printer, specifically designed for personal use.  Printers are currently being assembled and tested, with a Kickstarter campaign slated to launch in late Q2 of 2014. For more information, please visit




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Posted by Luke Daniel on May 10, 2014.