A More Capable 3D Printer.


Hello, and welcome to the Sculptify blog.  This is where we will post developments and updates as we work towards our ultimate goal - to create a more capable 3D printer.  

Sculptify was founded in 2013 by myself and fellow mechanical engineer, Todd Linthicum. Soon thereafter, we brought on Bryan, Luke, and Phill, with expertise in computer science, business development, and physics, respectively.  Since then, our team has developed an entirely new method of printing, and built multiple functional prototypes that implement this technology.

Choice is a powerful thing, and that’s what we hope our printer brings to the community and to those new to the 3D printing world.  

We have developed a quality product that not only utilizes high-precision components, but also employs a next-generation computational system.  These, along with the ability to use pelletized materials directly, equates to a truly unique and capable 3D printing tool.

We love the idea of a continuously evolving/maturing product.  Our hardware and firmware allows for massive material expansion, enhanced print and material quality, and significant cost savings.  As our printer sits on your desk, its capability will grow directly with our material library.  Couple this with an extremely creative/brilliant 3D printing community, and we have something really exciting -  a device that allows you to create without compromise.

The 3D printing and open source communities are the most valuable assets we have, and that’s why we want your input.  Positive or negative, every shred of feedback we receive puts us one step closer to a better and more capable printer. 

In the coming months, we will be launching a Kickstarter campaign, and we are looking forward to finally sharing our completed printer with everyone.   We are extremely eager to see what you can do with what we’ve created.

Thanks for reading.


Posted by Slade Simpson on May 10, 2014.