Sculptify developing an innovative personal 3D printer.

Columbus, Ohio, January 6, 2014  —  Sculptify announces the development of an innovative personal 3D printer. The company will raise capital to set-up operations, manufacturing, and distribution by campaigning on Kickstarter, the world’s largest crowd-funding platform. 

“We want to make 3D printing easier for everyday use but also expand versatility for enthusiasts and professionals,” said Slade Simpson, Sculptify Co-Founder and CEO. “Our goal is to deliver a 3D printing system which offers a wide range of printing materials at significantly reduced cost. We'll be able to print using many different types of thermoplastics.”


Sculptify plans to go live on Kickstarter in Q2, 2014. The company will offer production units to Kickstarter members in exchange for funding donations. 

“We’re choosing Kickstarter because crowd funding and the 3D printing community are extremely important to raising awareness of our product and to the long-term success of  the company,” says Todd Linthicum, Co-Founder and President.

Assembly Facility in Ohio

Sculptify is currently evaluating facility locations in central Ohio that will house assembly, operations, and product development. The company anticipates creating job openings for engineering and manufacturing positions following the Kickstarter campaign.

About Sculptify

Sculptify is a group of engineers and technophiles on a mission to create a simple, comprehensive, and breakthrough experience that will revolutionize 3D printing. Sculptify is a Columbus, Ohio based company founded in 2013 by natives Slade Simpson and Todd Linthicum. For more information, visit 

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Posted by Luke Daniel on January 06, 2014.